Rules for visitors



   When visiting the exclusion zone all foreign and Ukrainian nationals shall be obliged to:

  • Use clothes & shoes, maximally protect body, head, hands and feet;
  • Comply with the radiation safety rules, health and safety regulations;                     
  • Strictly comply with all instructions of the envoy officer;
  • Move around only according to the prescribed routes;
  • Follow the personal hygienic rules;
  • Strictly comply with fire prevention measures.

   During the visit to the exclusion zone it is totally prohibited to:

  • Enter any abandoned housing or industrial buildings on route;
    • Climb up the stairs or otherwise on antenna located on the territory of the Chernobyl-2 facility;
  • Drink liquors or take drugs;
  • Have meal and smoke in the open air;
  • Touch any structures or vegetation;
  • Sit or place photo and video equipment on the ground;
  • Take any items outside the zone;
  • Violate dress code (open-type shoes, shorts, trousers, skirts);
  • Stay in the zone without the officer, responsible for the envoy;
  • Gather, use and bring from the exclusion zone and the zone of absolute (mandatory) resettlement vegetable and cattle breeding products (vegetables, fruits, berries, mushrooms, plants, fish etc.), which were cultivated on the area  of the exclusion zone and the zone of absolute (mandatory) resettlement, except specimens for scientific purposes;
  • Bring in  and bring out of the exclusion zone and the zone of absolute (mandatory) resettlement any animals (dogs, cats etc);
  • Drink water from wells, rivers and other open water sources. It is allowed to use water only from Chernobyl water supply system, or water from stores;
  • Carry any kind of weapons;
  • Set off the fire;
  • Carry any flammable and combustible liquids;
  • Smoking except for specially designated and equipped places made of noncombustible materials:

-      at the checkpoints of the exclusion zone;

-      in Chernobyl town;

-      at the observation  site of the ChNPP;

-      in  Pripyat town – decontamination workshop of individual protective gear;

-      object Chernobyl-2.

All instructions of the envoy officer shall be binding for visitors. 

Photographing and filming on the designated route shall be subject to authorization of the envoy officer.

Leaving the exclusion zone and the zone of absolute (mandatory) resettlement it is necessary to:

  • Pass compulsory radiation control of clothes, foot wear, personal items;
  • Pass compulsory radiation control of transport.

If contamination exceeds the established control levels, personal clothes, foot wear, and items are subject to decontamination.

Foreign representatives and persons without citizenship to stay in Ukraine on legal grounds must use in case of emergencies the same rights and bear the same responsibilities as citizens of Ukraine, with the exceptions established by the Constitution, laws or international agreements agreed and ratified by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (article 21, Code of civil defense of Ukraine).