Refund Policy

For Private tours:

We have deposit amount, which is equal to $100 per group. Deposit amount is not refundable in case of tour cancelation. If you cancel an ordered tour, returns all payment (in case you have prepaid the tour cost in full) except deposit amount.

For Group tours:

If you cancel your participation, returns you all payment except deposit amount, which is equal to $35.

For the both types of the tours:


  1. The cost of refund money transfer is paid by the client.
  2. In case of force-majeure on the day of the trip (disastrous weather, actions of the Zone and state authorities, etc.) refunds all payments in full during 60 days.
  3. if we have to break the tour due to a participant's wish or fault (i.e. pre-term departure or forced deportation caused by the rules violation) the cost of the trip is NOT reimbursed.