The Chernobyl Prayer


Our God!

The cry of a peal like a prayer,

like the pain of our hearts raises

the alarm to the world.

The World, listen!!!

Carrion-crows from the Bible time

are waiting  for Apocalypse!

They are whirling over the Byelorussia
like the black clouds…

The radioactive ashes lay to the

faces of our children.

And that’s our great grief.

Our destiny as the destiny of

a hundred of Hiroshimas lies heavy

on our shoulders, the arms grow numb,

the blood runs cold…

But faith, superhuman faith into

the force of our love to our

children, to our Mothers, to our

sacred land  will save the world.

We, the people of the land of

White Storks, appeal to You, the

inhabitants  of the Planet, to

combine the will of every heart

into one infinite stream of Good!

If everyone makes a step to the Sun

we’ll overcome !!!


Sergey Kryshtapovich